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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 2, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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don't call it trash, how artists are turning illegal dumping into something beautiful next on kpix5. ,,,, here's bubba watson. the master of the escape. dadada dadada blue 375 razor! wait for it... ooooh! dadada dadada moves in, shoots, and scores! curry off the bounce, wow! dadada dadada dadada dadada dadada dadada mccutchen coming over and he makes the catch! that'll be on sportscenter! more on kershaw's dominating win, next! dadada! dadada!
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this is kpix5 news. >> we will hold onto hope until we hear something. >> a plane carrying several members of a bay area family vanishes over rural idaho. >> we spoke to neighbors of the san jose father likely piloting the plane. >> reporter: dale smith is believed to be the pilot. his neighbors are worried tonight, but they are holding out hope that he and the four passengers on board are doing okay after that plane vanished in the idaho wilderness. dale smith is known to friends and neighbors here his mindy way home in san jose as an experienced pilot, a devout mormon and loving father of five. >> they're usually a very sweet and gentle group of people and
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very giving. so i'm just hoping as i said the prayers will find them all in one piece. >> reporter: some 700 miles away in the idaho backcountry search and rescue crews hope for better weather conditions to help them find the single engine beech craft bonanza similar to the one pictured here. it was carrying five family members. the plane was flying from oregon to montana when the pilot reported engine trouble and then lost contact with controllers yesterday afternoon. the pilot intended to land here on the remote johnson creek airstrip. >> he flies frequently, so i'm surprised that he's gone down or missing or whatever has happened. when he goes on these trips, he stays in touch with everybody and all the airports or wherever he's landing. so yeah, i would say it's something to be worried. about. >> reporter: officials have not confirmed who was on board, but neighbors believe smith took this trip for pleasure with at least two of his children. >> we hope they locate them and they're fine.
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"s we will hold out the hope until we hear something. >> i hope that everything's okay. i really, really do. >> reporter: idaho authorities say it is possible that the plane did land safely and they simply can't communicate. the search will resume tomorrow as soon as the sky is clear. live in san jose i'm betty hu, kpix5. >> smith is the founder and president of san jose based serial tech. it services the data storage industry. a dramatic coastguard rescue in the north bay today, san francisco bay's helicopter crew hovered over a ravine to rescue a kayaker. the man was paddling along the shoreline when he got sick. the crew safely hoisted him up and flew him out for help. right now san francisco police are looking for a 17- year-old who escaped from the juvenile detention center on woodside avenue. police say the teen boy ran off between 6:30 and 7:00 tonight, no word yet how he escaped or
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what he was locked up for. an emergency meeting tonight in one bay area school district to combat bullying. here is what prompted it. a group of girls caught on camera ganging up on a transgender student. the school officials say enough is enough. andria borba on their plan to fight back against bullying. >> reporter: despite talk about bullying at tonight's west contra costa school board sparked by this, the disturbing reality of what on campus harassment looks like. cell phone video of transgender student jules gutierrez involved at a fight with three other girls at their high school last month. >> enough is enough. you can stretch a rubber band so far and it will snap. >> reporter: jules and the other girls were each suspended two days. tonight she described the harassment that drove her to her breaking point.
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>> she spits gum in her hand and throwns it in my face almost landed in my mouth. it came to a point where i wanted to like physically hurt myself and that's bad. >> being bullied in general. >> reporter: other students and teachers came forward saying the culture in west contra costa schools have to change. >> create school environments that are truly welcoming and inclusive for all because if we catch these young people, then everybody else falls in line. >> reporter: it's a point board member charles ramsey concedes especially after the '09 gang rape in richmond. >> we're making sure everybody knows we're putting our money where it needs to be making our school safes. if you don't feel safe, you're not going to want to learn. >> reporter: tonight the school boarded to overhaul harassment policies from top to bottom starting from their retreat on january 25th and voting on those changes january
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29th hoping to implement those changes to staff soon after. a berkeley teen set on fire for wearing a skirt returned to school today three weeks after the attack on an ac transit bus. luke sasha fleischmann is still recovering from severe burns to his legs. the 16-year-old suspect told police he did it because he is homophobic. he's facing hate crime charges. the san francisco police are closing in on a suspected cat killer. they say this is the guy who tossed a woman's cats into the bay near pier 14 last week. surveillance video shows the suspect leaving a hotel near the embarcardero. investigators say a witness identified him from that video. police say that he was nearly caught today, but officers arrived too late. cover the plants and bring in the pets, paul says temperatures are about to drop like a rock. >> coldest stuff we've seen in almost one year since just after christmas last year. it begins tomorrow and
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temperatures will really tumble. the coldest day all of last winter in san jose was 49 degrees. this week before winter even begins we'll drop down to a high of 50. oakland the coldest day last winter was 50, 52 degrees will be the coldest day this week and livermore drops down to 46 for an afternoon high, this week it will be 48 degrees. a strong area of low pressure passing by to our east will drag down some arctic air that's now across the oregon/california border heading directly toward us and as soon as tomorrow night and wednesday morning you in the north bay and north of vallejo, the area in yellow, there will be a widespread freeze with temperatures as cold as the mid- 20s tomorrow night and even colder after that with a more widespread freeze coming. we'll talk about how long the cold stuff sticks around in a few minutes. new video shows the fiery crash that killed actor paul walker and a friend. surveillance video taken from a building across the street that
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you can see smoke start to rise and then turn dark as the car bursts into flames. a private vigil for friends and family took place at the crash site tonight. people were cleared out. streets were blocked off and a tent went up. >> we have road closures, sidewalk closures and permits. we'll broom everybody out in 15 minutes. the closest you can be is constellation down the road. >> the film production crew from the fast and furious franchise paid for tonight's service. the ntsb says a commuter train was traveling nearly three times as fast as it should have been when it flew off the tracks in new york city killing four people. data recorders show the train passed through a 70-mile an hour zone, then entered a 30- mile an hour curve traveling at 82 miles per hour. the engineer told first responders the brakes didn't work properly. so far there's no evidence to back that up. ks and >> this train made nine stops
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prior to derailing. at this point we are not aware of any problems or anomalies with the brakes. >> today the derailed cars were put back on the tracks and removed from the scene. the investigation could take months. would imagine a future with no new hiv infections in san francisco. researcher tonight are saying it could happen -- researchers tonight are saying it could happen, joe vazquez on what it would take to get to zero. >> reporter: at the castros lgbt center tonight there is talk of the unimaginable, talk about zero. >> zero new infections, zero new deaths for persons living with hiv and zero stigma is a bold aspiration. >> three decades after the city began to be ravaged by death and disease could it even be possible? zero new cases of hiv in the city? at the peak of the epidemic in 1992 there were 2,300 new infections per year among gay men in san francisco. now a dramatic drop with about
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400 new infections per year, still a lot, but that's less than 1% infection rate among men having sex with men. >> we can reduce 400 down to 0 is what we're trying to do. >> so how would san francisco achieve zero? first everybody would need to be tested, everybody. next you've got to get everyone who has hiv consistently taking their meds. doctors recently found out the medicines don't just treat the disease, they can keep aids from spreading to new people. as for those who do not have hiv, they can now take a new preventive medication. >> that's a lot to ask. i mean you have people who are suspicious of going out and getting healthcare. i mean that's a lovely concept. i'm just not sure it's a realistic one. >> the key here appears to be testing which a lot of people are still reluctant to do, especially younger people. officials hope with obamacare more people will have a chance to see a doctor and that could help move the city closer to
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zero. >> something else, too, is that the medications are so good right now and treatment is getting so much better that a lot of people just kind of let it slide by. >> you've got to take them consistently and that is one of the issues that's going to be difficult for them to get to zero. >> joe vazquez, thank you. oakland city council member libby schaaf is jumping into the race to unseat mayor jean quan. she holds the old seat on the city col on the city's crime problem. a recent chamber of commerce poll found 70% of oaklanders rate crime as their top priority. >> i think oakland can do better. oaklanders deserve to have the police come when they call, that the city can be safe. >> the same poll found just 5% of voters say they would vote for quan again. coming up trash into treasure, bay area artists are turning illegally dumped junk
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into something beautiful. >> those cyber monday deals could cost you, what you may not realize you had to do before you checked out. we're back in 70 seconds. ,,,,,,,,
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exhibit about to open in oakland. they say one man's trash is another man's treasure. there was a case in point in an art exhibit about to open. >> this is going to be part of the installation. >> in a parking lot in downtown oakland a discarded mattress. it looks like crash, but this man sees a work of art. one that will be the center piece of an exhibition this friday converting oakland's waste into dialogue. >> all this is strong stuff. >> this piece a mix of trashed posters and construction work,
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there is siding from a house that burned down in east oakland. mabiri is one of four artists tasked with mining the city of oakland for abandoned trash and turning it into treasure. this is one of west oakland's notorious dumping grounds. the city is trying to stop it by upping the fine for illegal dumping to $1,000 a day, but not much has changed and these artists say they wanted to start a dialogue about the problem. >> i found this huge leather couch. >> reporter: here's what it looked like before. artist jeff hattin turned the couch into a wood sculpture for the exhibit. he has plans for the couch springs. neither artists knows what impact they will have on the illegal dumping problem. >> just to kind of shed new light on trash. >> reporter: they have quite literally turned one man's trash into another man's treasure. >> hopefully people see the beauty of what they throw.
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it's not all ugly. >> the pieces you saw and several others will be on display friday at oakland's art museum. the best three places to sell a home are right here in the bay area, surprise, surprise, fremont topping the list of the top 100 cities around the country. among the reasons? homes sell quickly there. there's plenty of buyer competition. schools are great. crime is low. >> it is really true what they say. it's a great place to live and work. people are very friendly and it's great for commuters. >> san francisco came in second on the list. san jose was right behind in third. it's cyber monday or at least for another few minutes here. score any big deals online? don't forget to add tax. a new state law that took effect last year requires you to pay sales tax for online purchases even if the retailer doesn't add it on up front. business t lers.. >> regardless of whether they
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charge, you have to pay the tax. if it's not a sales tax at the time of purchase, you're supposed to keep your receipts and pay a use tax at the end of the year. >> brick and mortar stores have long complained they're losing business to online retailers because shoppers aren't forced to pay taxes online. pretty soon the stuff you order online from amazon could be delivered to your door by an unmanned drone. kpix5's allen martin on the new frontier for airmail. >> reporter: from the battlefield to the farm field to your neighborhood park, it was only a matter of time before the drone became part of your shopping experience. >> these are octo copters. these are effectively drones, but there's no reason they can't be used as delivery vehicles. >> reporter: amazon founder and ceo jeff bazos imagines your order rolling off the line onto a drone before soaring through the sky and landing on your doorstep, a 5-pound package delivered in about half
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an hour. >> it won't work for everything. we're not going to deliver kayaks or table saws this way. these are electric motors. so it's very green. it's better than driving trucks around. >> reporter: as amazing as it sounds, it's not really that hi- tech. drones like this have been able for some time now at hobby stores, but the challenge is to make sure the technology doesn't deliver a disaster. >> the hard part is putting in all the redundancy, all the reliability, all the systems you need to say look, this thing can't land on somebody's head. >> reporter: of course, the word drone usually stirs privacy fears. there was backlash when the alameda county sheriff's department suggested using one. they've been ridiculed on fake bay area highway signs and the internet is already exploding with amazon drone jokes, but don't like drone humor fool you. these things are here to stay. >> i know it can't be before 2015 because that's the earliest we could get the rules from the faa.
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>> reporter: allen martin, kpix5. >> it will be like zombies taking over the planet, drones everywhere. >> it would be really interesting to see all these little drones. >> if your house is under one of the flight paths with drones flying overhead all the time. that's just amazon flying over my house, try to grab something. it probably is closer than we all think. you know what else is closer? winter. i know it's december 21st. it's going to feel like winter tomorrow. live look outside from oakland toward the city, beautiful shot, a little fog rolling in. we have a slight chance of a shower overnight tonight, but temperatures are the big story, 73 in livermore yesterday, 68 today, 54 tomorrow, 50 on wednesday, 48 for the high on thursday and the nights are going to be cold starting tomorrow night. in the north bay, santa rosa, petaluma, widespread freeze, mid-20s to low 30s and colder
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thursday morning where the entire bay area with the exception of san francisco will be under a freeze watch or freeze warning by then. microclimate forecast, slight chance of a shower tomorrow morning, sunshine in the afternoon, cold, 53 degrees, 49 degrees, colder wednesday. you likely won't crack 46 or 47 on the campus of st. mary's on thursday. here's the reason. it's a front, a dividing line between air masses. it's been mild on the southern side of this front, but on the other side did you watch monday night football how cold it was in seattle? that's just a taste of that cold air that will come down through the bay area into northern mexico also impacting phoenix and tucson. this thing will rumble through the west coast. we begin to tap into it tomorrow. it will be blustery. then wednesday and thursday the cold stuff really gets here, overnight lows down or below freezing and the coldest weather since just after christmas last year.
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slight shower chance tonight and that freezing weather moves into the north bay first starting tomorrow night. the coldest day is thursday. your highs tomorrow mid-50s, livermore and san jose 54, fremont 53 and los altos, mid- 50s for pleasant hill and concord, pleasanton 53, 55 in sausalito. we're getting chillier. sunshine wednesday and thursday upper 40s for highs for some of you. slight chance of a shower friday and saturday. when that happens, the snow level will be down near 2,000, 2,500 feet and another chance of rain monday. it's kind of two waves of winter. we get the cold first and fingers crossed we get a little rain this weekend and next week. we're finally turning the corner. >> we really need that rain. to do something like that to a perfect stranger is just unbelievable. >> paul walker's secret act of kindness for a young soldier
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and his fiancee. ,,,, you really love, what would you do?" ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker. [ man ] i wanna be a pilot. [ woman ] i'd be an architect. what if i told you someone could pay you and what if that person were you? ♪ when you think about it, isn't that what retirement should be, paying ourselves to do what we love? ♪
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these are the hands a pediatrician. these are pioneering advances in heart surgery. and these are developing groundbreaking treatments for cancer.
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they're the hands of the nation's top doctors. kaiser permanente doctors. and though they are all different, they work together on a single mission: saving lives. discover how we are advancing medicine at join us, and thrive. [[man] it's nothing but tape... [woman] it's a block. we're havin' a baby! [laughter in background] [woman screams] are we havin' a baby? [ambient crying and laughter] he was looking for a weddi ee. but several years ago paul
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walker noticed a young soldier out shopping. >> he was looking for a wedding ring for his fiancee but couldn't afford it. you can guess what happened next. irene king worked at a jewelry store in santa barbara. back in the early 2000's she doesn't remember all the details of the transaction, but she'll never forget the man who walked in that day. >> the sales associate said there's paul walker. okay. yeah. he's a nice looking man. >> the action star was shopping in her store when he overheard a conversation between two other customers. >> they had come in looking for rings. >> a soldier who had just finished one tour in iraq and headed overseas again was looking at engagement rings with his fiancee. >> she saw something that she really, really liked, but he said honey, i can't afford that. >> a $10,000 set. walker didn't think twice. >> he called the manager and he said the ring that those people
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are looking at, he said put it on my tab. after that he just left. >> when the couple asked who to thank, the employees did what walker asked. >> it was anonymous. it's an anonymous person. to do something like that to a perfect stranger is just unbelievable. >> king and her co-workers kept walker's secret more than a decade. now that he's gone she wanted the world to know about it. we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,
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grant balfour on the next t major shakeup in the a's organization, gone is second baseman meeks. just a couple hours ago jim johnson was acquired from the baltimore orioles for the second baseman weeks. johnson had 101 saves in the last two seasons with baltimore. the a's also reportedly signed starting pitcher scott kashmir to a two year deal worth 22 million. kashmir was 10-9 with cleveland last year. his addition means you can subtract bartolo colon. 49ers in a huge nfc west battle next week.
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you figure tonight's primetime game between the seahawks and the saints would be must see tv. guess again. >> no, no. i mean there's tvs around the building. i'm sure we'll look in on it as we're going about our regular business. >> so what is must see tv for jim harbaugh? an exclusive look at what's on his tv, our gameday 49ers preview, judge judy and the news at 6:00 and 11:00 here on channel 5. fred couples who raised the 12th man flag, defense dominates the saints high powered offense going nowhere. drew brees is taken by michael bennett for a touchdown. hawks win 34-7, 11-1, three games up on the 49ers in the division. college hoops, cal was too tall for the ant eaters
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tonight. jabari burg with 14. cal wins, they are 6-2. i have in my hand the monday night top five. broncos running back knowshon moreno, huge crocodile tears rolling down his cheeks during the national anthem. no. 4, driveways by mason rinehart. number three.. wild goalie harding with the desparation dive across the crease to r jacob vora l. next stop the nba. no. 3, josh harding with the desperation increasing, the goal, minnesota shut out the flyers. no. 2, back to monday night football, everything going right for seattle. davis to coleman, touchdown. no. 1 give me uconn and florida. >> lost the dribble, found it again, leans in, no good, back pass, napier for the win! he got it! n is next.. with
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>> huskies with the buzzer beater. i've just been told the saints who got clobbered in seattle, their airplane was not able to leave and they are stuck. they got to spend the night in seattle and that's a problem because they have a short week because they played monday. they got to gear up for sunday. >> go down to the ferris wheel, hang out. >> get some coffee. >> space needle. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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